What is a Hurricane Lamp?

What is a Hurricane Lamp?


As a young child, hurricane lights weren’t for the purpose of decoration. We lived a little bit off the grid, and electrical energy was erratic. These adverse storms were many, and a hurricane lamp was about the only thing that you might depend on. I was very surprised by the layout at the time, and I still am. Hurricane glass lamps may look straightforward, but they are an extremely classy solution. They can maintain a fire lit in windstorm winds– no little job. For many lighthouse caretakers, fishermen, and maritime people, a hurricane lamp means the difference between living and dying for someone.

I have in fact, taken into consideration, making my own hurricane lamp. I have actually been taking some glassblowing classes, and I have had an opportunity to try them out. A hurricane lamp is really a deceptively difficult making thing. The glass is pretty improved. However, it needs to be totally even, or it will not fit right into the base of the lamp. It also has to be very thin, or the light will certainly not penetrate undiluted. I’m not stating that it is one of the most very difficult glassmaking tasks ever. Yet, ┬áit does require more experience compared to what I have. Nevertheless, I have been working on it.

The very best location to get hurricane lamps is in a fishing community. Nowadays, few individuals in fact utilize kerosene lights for anything. They have been totally supplanted other than as a way of decor. Nonetheless, the craft is still active in fishing communities all up and down the east coastline. Individuals keep them in their houses, in some cases for generations. I presume that, as handcrafted things pave the way to machine-assembled crafts, individuals get sentimental for the old days.


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