Using Antique Glass Windows

You’ve probably seen posts about recycling old windows instead of throwing them away, but you’ve probably wondered what you could really do with them. There are a lot of possibilities with old windows that can’t be put back onto a house, here are a few ideas:

  • Have mirrors cut to fill in the frames and hang in your living room, or remove the glass and put chalkboard there. Depending on the number of frames you have in the window, you can make a monthly or weekly calendar.
  • Lean the window on your fireplace mantle and put candles behind it. Add decorations around the frame, or paint it to suit your decor.
  • Hang the window on the wall and install coat hooks and a shelf above it. Attach hanging file folders for mail, or add the shelf to the bottom of the window.
  • Place photos behind each of the panes for a lovely collage. Try to match the photo size to the frame. Alternatively, you could put one giant canvas photo behind the fame and it will look like you are looking through a window!
  • Repurpose the window as the top of a coffee table, if there is space below the window you can display items or memorabilia.
  • Hang a window frame on your fence and install planters on the frame, what a colorful idea!

There are kinds of ways to reuse glass in and around your home, don’t throw these useful items away but determine to upcycle them into something new!


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