Tonelli Glass Furnishings

Tonelli is the top name in Italian glass furniture. Over the past 25 years, they have become skilled at taking fine precision cuts of thick glass and using a UV bonding process to fabricate visually stunning, innovative tables. Tonelli worked with several well-known designers like Isao Hosoe, G. Tommaso Garattoni, and Karim Rashid to satisfy the potential of the technology and craft contemporary design works of genius.

The appeal and popularity of glass furniture has increased, as it goes with an assortment of interior design patterns, won’t look outdated as numerous other materials will and the location of well-made pieces of glass furniture can give the same use without cramping or cluttering the view of space in a room.

Tonelli Fragments Glass Table

The variety of Tonelli glass furniture is dining tables, coffee tables, cabinets, bookcases, desks, mirrors, and consoles. If you don’t see a product on their website, contact them as they are famous for custom-crafting furniture pieces.

Established in the 80s, Tonelli is a truth the world of design refers to, the best in building of glass furniture and complements.

Their belief is based on a mixture of innovation and tradition, critical element that when united with the love for this amazing material, helps to promote the glass furniture culture.

FYI: Glass is more liquid than solid.

Truthfully, the physical structure offers more parallels to the molecular structure of liquids than that of the crystalline structure of solids. Only the high viscosity differentiating it stops its particles from sliding on one another.

At rising heat, opposite to what happens with metals that at a precise temperature freezes or melts, glass goes through various stages of malleability, gradually softening till becoming malleable and have the characteristics needed for the function it’s meant to perform.

Sturdy, safe, and resistant, glass can be of many thicknesses, from 12-15-20mm for supporting structures to 6-8-10 for tops and doors.


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