Things to Know Before Purchasing Eyeglasses Online (Part I)


You can save a lot on cheap glasses online, especially if your prescription isn’t complex. All you need are a couple of measurements.

If you need prescription eyeglasses, you may get sticker shock when you look at a pair of frames at your optician’s office. Worse, vision insurance doesn’t always cover¬†glasses. And when it does, it may not cover the entire cost.

Opting to buy prescription glasses online means you’ll get a good selection and lower costs. Here are tips to help you order eyeglasses online.

Have a Prescription Before You Order Glasses Online

You can save money by ordering glasses online.

You’ll need a recent prescription to buy glasses online. Usually, a prescription for glasses is valid for one to two years. The precise time frame depends on your state. If your eyeglasses prescription doesn’t have an expiration date noted, call your eye doctor to ask. This might sound like a bother, but it’s critical to have up-to-date information about your sight.

What Measurements Are Needed to Buy Glasses Online?

Frames That Fit

When you’re looking at glasses in-store, you can try frames on to see how they fit. However, when you opt for cheap glasses online some stores will mail your frames, so you can get the perfect style.

What if you see a great sale at an online glasses retailer that doesn’t provide this service? Here’s a solution: Use a pair of eyeglasses that fit and shop for frames in the same size.

These are the three measurements used for frame sizing:

Lens width: Just what it sounds like.

Bridge width: The size of the piece that goes over your nose.

Temple arm length: The length of the arms that goes back to your ears.

Assuming you presently own a pair of glasses that fit, you’ll find these measurements written inside the frame from left to right (lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length). They’ll usually be on the inside of one of the temple arms, but could also be on the back of the nose bridge.

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