The Ideal Eyeglass Frames for Round Faces

The most critical factor you want to remember when picking glasses for face shapes that are round is to search out frames that add angles. Here are some tips to lead you in your selection process.

Some famous people today who have a round faces are Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Mila Kunis, Octavia Spencer, and Christina Ricci.

Geometric and angular frames: Since round faces are curvy, they lack the angles of other face shapes. Geometric and angular glasses frames deliver distinct, sharper, more distinct lines to your face so that it has balance.

Rectangular frames: A rectangular style frame is excellent for rounded faces. Equaling the length and width of a rounded face can make it appear smaller than it really is. A rectangular frame breaks up the face structure, causing it look thinner and longer.

Upswept frames: If you have beautiful curvy cheeks, then you will want to draw attention to them and put the focus on your eyes at the same time. A frame that sweeps upward at the temples is ideal for making this effect.

Not every round faces are the same. Some are much rounder than others, so you can try on frames in other shapes to fit your specific shape. Nonetheless, there are certain frames that you surely want to avoid.

Short and small frames: Glasses with short and small frames aren’t good for a round face as they emphasize the roundness.

Round frames: It really goes without saying that a rounded glasses frame isn’t suited for a round face shape. Wearing rounded glasses will bring more soft curves to your face and make it look more circular than it truly is.

When it comes to glasses frames, the rounder your face is, the more angular you want your glasses to be.

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