The Beauty of Antique Glass

The Beauty of Antique Glass



Occasionally, you hear tales about an individual who acquired a little glass jar at a garage sale for a nickel, took it home, cleansed it up, and found it was worth a lot of money. While that is not an everyday incident, it does occur when you stumble into an item of collectible antique glass.

To understand collectible antique glass, you must understand how glass was made back in the day. Blown glass was made by molten glass placed on the end of a glass tube and blown up like you blow up a balloon. As it was being blown, it was formed by different tools, and then it was enabled to cool.

Throughout the production of collectible antique glass containers, a holder might be used by pushing the molten glass shaped like the holder into the container once it began to cool down. Occasionally, this process led to a fracture in the bottle, which does little to diminish the existing value of a collectible antique glass.

Some Defects Help in an Aging Piece

Throughout the fashioning of blown glass, a device called a pontil pole was utilized to hold the glass while it was fashioned right into the desired form. Ultimately, it was merely snapped off. However, the evidence of the pontil mark need to still be visible and offers a basic idea of age and value of collectible antique glass.

In later years, glass objects were constructed from shaped glass, as well as many of those were counterfeits of initial blown glass. To locate modern-day molded glass impersonating collectible antique glass, there are a couple points to search for like the wear aspect. Take a look at the bottom of the item initially to see if you could find the pontil rod scar, and after that, seek wear marks. If there are marks where there should not be, it’s probably a fake.

An additional tip is the imperfections in the item, looking as if a lot of molten glass had been put in the mold. This suggests shabby handiwork. Although, even in quality blown glass, a couple of bubbles could appear, but in the less costly duplicates, it won’t take a lot of time to locate them.

Possibly your primary step in purchasing collectible antique glass must be the acquisition of a collectible antique glass magazine or publication. It will generally determine the compilation trends and lead you on the appropriate collectible path.

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