Insulate Your Windows to Stay Warm and Toasty in the Wintertime

Insulating windows can save money

Are you considering putting plastic film over your windows for the winter? Is there any value in this?

Actually there is. However, it is mostly for old windows that are in bad condition. If installed correctly, using plastic heat shrink films can offer many benefits. Putting plastic film over a window is like putting another pane of glass on the window.

This mean more than a 50% reduction in heat loss via the glass of your window, but no decrease in heat loss via the window frame.

Putting on a plastic layer can aid limit condensation on window panes by keeping the interior window surfaces warmer.

If you can see water drop or haze close to the bottom of your windows, this is an indication that your windows could use an upgrade or that the humidity in your property is too high.

Last but not least, the plastic film can help to lessen discomfort from cold window surfaces by diminishing convective currents that appear when air is cooled by the glass surface, making it fall and producing a draft. If placed well, plastic films can often be used to aid in reducing cold air flowing in past window seals and edges.

Use plastic on widows that children and pets can’t get to since piercing the plastic will damage it. Regrettably masking windows with plastic somewhat hinders visibility, contingent on the lighting and quality of the installation.

If your windows aren’t energy efficient, there’s only one way to take care of the issue. Get replacement windows. Replacement windows are the best way to get rid of those leaky, old windows and exchange them with ones that’ll aid in reducing your energy bills and make your property more comfortable.

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