Hurricane Window Installation

Hurricane Window Installation


Hurricane windows was initially developed because of the catastrophe of Cyclone Andrew in South Florida in August of 1992. They work for safeguarding your home or business from high winds and flying particles. They could be set up during building or added later on as a renovation task. The cost of these windows are similar with various other top-quality windows.

Advantages of  Hurricane Windows

Obviously, the largest positive aspect is safeguarding your property from wind and water during an effective storm. A lot of damages done to properties during typhoons takes place as an outcome of busted windows. Traveling debris damages the windows and high stress air goes inside the home or business. This high stress air could either blow out the windows or blow the roofing right off your residential or commercial property.

Building of Hurricane Windows

A hurricane window is constructed of two layers of laminated glass. The glass has a solid, plastic film in between the levels. In the event the window shatters, the film layer remains in location, protecting your property from wind damages and your carpeting from the heavy rainfall. The internal level of the window differs based on the size and design of the window.

These windows have to go through a high level of testing to ensure their performance. Tests are performed to replicate both small and big impacts that may take place during extremely adverse weather. These tests mimic the flying particles that is typical in hurricanes.

These windows could generally withstand wind rates of around 130 miles per hour. They can stand up to debris flying at these speeds too. In addition to windows, the glass is available for skylights and patio doors to safeguard the entire structure.

Installation Procedures

Proper setup is crucial for these windows. The most effective hurricane window in the world will not secure your home or business if it isn’t mounted appropriately. The method of installment depends on the window and the materials used in the exterior of the property. In many cases, professional installation is called for. Your warranty might be voided if an inexperienced person mounts them inaccurately.

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