How to Paint Glass Vases

Who doesn’t own plain glass vases left over from a few bouquets?  I know I have a difficult time throwing them out. If you are like me, you probably have a cabinet full of them. If you are wondering what to do with them, paint them!

You can quickly paint three vases under 60 minutes and this includes drying time. Get your paint, get your vases, and get started.

Supplies for Painted Glass Vases

  • Clear glass vases (if you don’t have any, an arts and crafts store sells them cheap)
  • Craft paint that works on glass (Martha Stewart multi-surface acrylic craft paint is a solid choice because it doesn’t make you bake the glass in the oven like most other glass paints)
  • Small paint brushes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Your imagination and fingers

Who doesn’t want to do a project with a variety of colorful paints?  Let your imagination and creativeness roam free.

How to Paint Glass Vases

Start by thoroughly washing the vases in good hot, soapy water. Rinse them and pour a small amount of alcohol inside, either swishing it around or rubbing it around the inside. Turn upside down and let them completely dry. This guarantees that the paint will adhere to the vase.

Squeeze a good amount of paint into the bottom of the vase and use a brush to spread it on the sides. Remember, you’re only painting the inside of the glass vase.

If you need more paint, add more so that the insides are totally covered. Once you begin making streaky brush strokes as if you’re pushing around paint, this is a good time to stop.

You may or may not need a second coat once the paint has completely dried. If you need a second coat, wait a day before doing so.

That’s it! You can either keep them or give them away as presents!

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