Glass Kitchen Appliances

Looking for new kitchen appliance, I saw glass kitchen appliances made with colored glass. It caught my eye and when I asked some representatives from various manufacturers, I was told that it’s a popular choice for European consumers.

Refrigerator with a glass door

I know what you’re saying to yourself. “Glass? It won’t work. It’ll break too easily!” Manufacturers have taken this into account. There was a test booth (in case you are a “show me” type of person) where you can take a frying pan or wine bottle and bounce it off of a glass refrigerator door.

You will see that it won’t have a crack or scratch on it. This isn’t your usual window pane. While I wasn’t inform as to how stress-proof this particular grade of glass is, I was assured that it’s been through high rigorous tests in order to withstand the wear and tear of busy everyday living.

With Whirlpool’s new White Ice look, you may think there are already glass finishes in the US. That’s not really true. White Ice is just a metal finish that has been painted to make a new color while keeping the satiny texture of stainless. Attractive as it may be, it’s a multi-layer finish that if scratched deep enough, can damage. Glass, on the other hand, is very easy to clean and doesn’t rust.

Glass finishes take the top qualities of stainless steel (polished and smooth) and remove all the negative elements (no warmth, its easily-smudged surface, and flashbacks of the cheaply built McMansions so ordinary during the housing bubble. It’s also is an alternative to the glossy black and white or textured finishes that serve as the only two well-known alternatives to stainless, which doesn’t really give the smooth look that so many customers seem to prefer.

Glass unites a top texture with personality and pizzazz, making a kitchen that displays whatever sort of life style you want to project just as completely as the other rooms in your house.

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