Glass Jewelry: What are the Types and How to Make It (Part III)


Murano glass – Also known as “millefiori,” or “Venetian glass,” this sort of glasswork was created years ago on an island off Venice, Italy. The method of using the ends of glass rods to make several little flowers inside the glass makes this sort of glass easy to spot and distinct.

Every piece has to be made by hand, using a meticulous procedure and real Murano glass pieces can be pricey. Since the glassmakers on the island of Murano have been working for years, you can find antique jewelry pieces of Murano glass. Though, you have to school yourself, so you are not fooled by fakes.

Sea glass is glass polished by the sea. 

Sea glass – Sea-glass jewelry, also known as beach glass, has a faithful following of people who have an affinity with the sea. True sea glass is created when a broken piece of glass is tossed into the sea where it is tumbled and crushed by the waves and sand until it emerges opaque and smooth on the beach. Artisans comb beaches all over the globe to discover these sea gems and make them into all sorts of jewelry.

Certain colors, like blue or red, are harder to discover and can, therefore, be pricier. One popular jewelry-making technique is to take different pieces of sea glass and cover them with silver or gold wire to create earrings, a pendant, or bracelets. 

Another technique is to use the piece of sea glass as the gemstone and affix it with a bevel in a pendant or ring. Several jewelry retailers produce replica sea glass that is tumbled in a method like polishing rocks. While these pieces can be beautiful and it is simpler to find rare colors, you should inquire if the piece is manufactured or genuine sea glass. Numerous collectors believe that real pieces of sea-glass jewelry have to be made organically.


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