Glass Jewelry: What are the Types and How to Make It (Part II)

Glass jewelry is one of a kind. 

Dichroic-glass jewelry – This sort of glass jewelry is made in practically the same way as fused-glass jewelry, though it has its own unique look. It is made of pieces of shimmering, gleaming material that is then affixed onto black or clear glass. Dichroic glass is about 50 micro-thin layers of various metals that were created by NASA for astronauts’ facemasks to shield them from radiation. 

The colors of dichroic glass shift and merge together when they are fired, so these patterns tend to be flowing in nature. After the pieces are raised from the kiln and cool off, it is treated like fused glass and made into jewelry of practically any type.

Glass beads – These are little works of art that are looped together as necklaces or bracelets, or made into earrings and glass-jewelry rings. They are made with a procedure called lampwork that uses a really hot torch to melt glass rods into numerous colorful patterns. Colored glass rods are heated using a table-mounted torch.

As the molten glass makes a liquid drop on the end of the rod, it is draped around a stainless-steel mandrel to create a bead of any size. Littler colored rods are then melted onto the beads to create multicolored designs. After the beads are completed, they are typically placed into a kiln to be annealed so they won’t break as they cool.

Buying Glass Jewelry
A lot of the glass jewelry today is created by artists in their studios. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of every piece, these artists usually sell their own work at art fairs or craft shows all over the U.S. You can also discover quality pieces of glass jewelry at specialty stores or independently owned jewelry stores. 


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