Does Recycling Glass Really Help the Environment? (Part II) 


Recycling glass is a money saver.

Collect end product of various stages
To display your project, make a chart displaying the recycling process and show the end product afterward in each stage. Get old bottles that can be recycled to make new bottles. It would be better if the bottles are from the neighborhood bins.

Collect bottles of different colors and shapes. Clean them with hot water and soap, removing paper labels. Take their caps and metal strips off. Put the bottles in a line. Sort them by color- clear, green, and amber. This is the 1st stage of recycling.

After the glass bottles are washed out they are cut into little pieces called cullets. With adult supervision, and with gloves, you can collect the cullets or break the glass from the local recycling plant.

For the melting of the mixture of cullets and raw materials, you should not try to make a furnace since such high temperatures can be gotten only at a recycling plant. Never try this at home.

Glass Recycling Pays
Some countries have benefited from the financial gains that can be achieved from recycling glass. In the US for instance, some states have recycling programs that give cash incentives for most recycled glass products.

Recycling of Glass Conserves the Landscape
The aesthetic value of the earth is greatly improved with glass recycling. Many folks tend to litter parking lots and parks with glass and other packaging. Due to the mineral nature of glass, it will never decay. Recycling glass is very easy, and you can begin the process by dropping the glass you have into recycling bins.

Glass is an amazing substance. It can be recycled over and over again. The good thing about glass recycling is that the glass keeps its quality. Cullet is the most common glass. Imagine how many bottles of juice or soda are used daily. If we were to just throw them away, the earth would suffer greatly. It is therefore crucial that glass recycling is kept alive.


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