Can You Really Wear Glass Shoes?

For any woman who has wanted her very own fairy tale ending, for her Prince Charming to come and sweep her off your feet and take her away to his kingdom, or if she just wondered what it would be like to wear shoes made of a material that could possibly shatter and cut her feet to bits, well then these real glass, Cinderella-inspired slippers are just what she’s been searching for!

These glass slippers are hand-made from blown glass by skilled artisans. Believe it or not, these talented craftsmen are capable of making these minus the use of any cutting or molds. It’s said that the technique has taken close to eight years to perfect.

Sizes can be custom ordered. High-end glass shoes aren’t crafted in pairs. Nonetheless, each one can be worn on either foot.

While these shoes unfortunately aren’t sold in pairs, each one is made to be wearable on either foot. Your Cinderella footwear will only cost you around $800 per shoe. You might be in the poor house, but at least your feet will look marvelous!

Now you can stop waiting around for Prince Charming to come with a glass shoe and go out and get your own. You can be a princess on your own terms.

Inspired by the Cinderella story, major shoe designers have taken to making their own version of Cinderella’s footwear.

JIMMY CHOO, $5,000 per shoe

Jimmy Choo’s creative director, Sandra Choi: “I think every female want a Cinderella moment in her life. This story starts a love affair and enchantment with shoes that won’t die. The power shoes have to change is taught from a young age and the dream will still live on. We wanted to create a shoe that is magical, possessing glamorous sparkle and a timeless, feminine silhouette conjuring up those childhood feelings.”

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