Are Plastic Toys Safe?

Most kids have a chest filled to the brim with plastic junk that is missing parts and lying still due to lack of interest. Built with petroleum, a lot of plastic toys have BPA, fire retardants, toxic phthalates, and other substances that are not environmentally-friendly or safe for your children.

For all their advertising and flashiness, most toys are really designed to crack easily and end up in landfills at the end of a very short lifespan. And with all those safety recalls of toys manufactured in China, you can’t be sure what you’re getting these days.

Roughly 60 to 90% of all toys offered in the US are made in China. There have been studies and researchers have talked excessively about the use of brominated fire-retardant chemicals in children’s toys made in China.

Since it is almost impossible to keep toys out of your kid’s mouth, there should be strong regulations to keep these toxins out of toys.

Brominated fire retardants are hazardous for children because lab studies have shown that they disturb the hormone system and have an effect brain and behavior.

Chinese researchers found brominated fire retardants in Barbie dolls, swords, foam toys, actions figures, race cars, and even teething rings. It contaminated most of them, such as:

(PBDE) Polybrominated diethyl ethers which is found in all foam and stuffed toys and hard plastics. The types of PBDEs found were:

Deca which is banned in two states and Canada. Penta and Octa are not made in US anymore because of health concerns. Furthermore, it has been banned in 11 states, as well as Europe and Canada.

(PBBs) Polybrominated biphenyls has stopped been made in the US since ’76 after thousands in the state of Michigan were poisoned.

(DBDPE & BTBPE) Brominated-ethanes are flame-retardant chemicals that ae used despite the fact there isn’t any safety and health information regarding them. use despite the absence of health and safety information.

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