Are Plastic Toys Safe?

Since we live in a world where plastic is all over, it’s simple to yield to the notion that plastic is harmless. And, since you can’t see how the chemicals that are used to make plastic essentially leach, it can be hard to believe that they can leach like water from a wet sponge.

As practically every store on earth has a huge quantity of toys made out of plastic and also wrapped in plastic, researchers want you to know why the only way to keep your child’s health safe from harm is to say no to plastics. When you look around, you’ll quickly see what a tall order this is. Though, think about beginning first with items that your child puts in his/her mouth or those they use for eating. You may regularly feel overwhelmed, but the health problems that are a result of plastic exposure is well-documented.

This is another step down the right path but what do these findings truly mean for parents?

As a parent, you should take away:

The reality that there are prohibitions should signal parents that their children are in danger of harmful exposure to plastics.

There are zillions of consumer products that have phthalates that aren’t labeled, aren’t prohibited, and are dangerous.

With this being said, read the following information. Knowledge is the first step in understanding how hazardous these chemicals are to everyone, particularly children.

Tell Why and Do it – This is the avenue I took with my children. I told them why we didn’t want them to play with plastic toys anymore (bad for their health) and I collected all the plastic toys and off they went. My children helped during this and so they got to be involved instead of just getting the toys taken away.

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