Using Recycled Glass in the Garden

Plants and flowers definitely add to the color in your garden, but if you want to stand out from your neighbors and take care of the earth – use recycled glass in your garden! This is an easy way to add interest and color to your garden, and you can put all kinds of glass to use.

Various glass bottles can be used as vases for cut flowers on your outside tables. Or you can drill a hole in the bottom and insert lights. In colored glass, this can be striking at night. Or hang glass jars with candles in them for a gentle light at night.

Glass can be used in a fire pit. Broken or tumbled pieces of glass make a clean, modern surface for the top of a fire pit. Glass pieces are particularly good at dispersing the flame, due to their small, uniform size, and they create numerous air channels for gas to seep around. Chose one color for a big impact, or go with all kinds of colors for a fun look. But remember, be sure to use a material that’s intended for use in a fire pit.

Tumbled glass has had the rough edges worn away, it makes a great addition to the tops of planters, edging for walkways, or as an interesting surround for a small plant. Just be sure to use an edging material to keep the glass pieces in place.

There are so many fun ways to bring recycled glass into your garden. Glass comes in so many colors, and can be easily cleaned. Larger glass containers can be used for small plants, how beautiful and unusual would that be? The possibilities are all up to you!

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