The Truth About Plastic Shoes


One of the latest fashion fads may get you the gold star from the fashion police. However, the health police are very concerned.

The latest fashion craze is plastic heels.

Celebrities are even rocking them. If you want to wear them, you should know the plastic shoes comes with a catch.

The catch is not a pleasant one.

Plastic shoes are bad for your feet.

The Hazard of Plastic Shoes

Plastic shoes are not only very bad for the earth, but also very bad for your health.

Health experts have warned folks about the hazards of wearing plastic shoes and what it does to your feet. When the plastic comes in contact with your warm feet, they begin fogging up. The bad part is, when heat and moisture come in contact, things grow. The absence of breathability becomes the largest detrimental factor.

Truthfully, the foot alone without a sock in a shoe offers the ideal environment for fungal and bacterial growth. When you’re wearing plastic shoes, the odds are even greater. There is a bigger rate of heat and moisture. 

Another reason medical professionals advise against wearing plastic shoes is due to their rigidness.

Shoes made from other materials have the capability of stretching, giving your feet room for flexing. With plastic, you don’t have that freedom. It stiffens your feet and becomes a real problem to walk around.

Even if just the soles of your shoes are plastic, you could still have problems like joint and bone pain. The reason for this is that it doesn’t have shock absorption. So, if you’re feeling like you want to look like a celebrity just once and want to wear plastic shoes, do yourself a favor and don’t.

For the sake of your health, it is better to pick comfort over fashion for once and say bye to the plastic shoes.


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