Incredible Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipes (Part I)

These glass cleaners are effective, cheap, and easy to make.

Cleaning around your house is an unavoidable chore that very few folks like doing. From vacuuming to dusting, household chores are not only boring but time-consuming too. When it comes to cleaning the glass around your home, there is little happiness. It seems that regardless of what you do, within a few days, it is covered with fingerprints and dirt.

Another issue with cleaning the glass in your house is the harsh chemicals that are typical in commercial cleaners. To get away from cleaning your glass or windows with poisonous chemicals, you can learn to make your own excellent homemade glass cleaner recipe. 

One easy recipe is to combine one tablespoon of white vinegar, one cup of water, and one cup of rubbing alcohol. Put in a spray bottle for streak-free, natural glass cleaning.

Best Homemade Window and Glass Cleaner

There are plenty of ingredients that you currently have sitting around your home that will make a good DIY glass cleaner. These items can be anything from cornstarch to vinegar.

While using a single ingredient alone does a somewhat suitable job cleaning your windows and glass, they usually work better when mixed with other non-toxic, natural ingredients. You can have clean surfaces inside and outside your home using products you already have, saving money and time. This article contains a few of the top homemade glass cleaner recipes that will become a staple in your home. 

Basic Natural Glass Cleaner

Alcohol and white vinegar are great substitutes for the chemical-laden cleaners at your local store. Other advantages of these ingredients are they are cheap and don’t have any harsh fumes or chemicals. These ingredients are like those you can find in a store that specializes in all-natural products. The best thing about the cleaners in these recipes is they evaporate rapidly, so you don’t end up with unattractive spots.