The Problem with Those Plastic Bags (Part III)

A good alternative to plastic bags is reusable bags.

What Can You Do About It?

When it comes to plastic bags, use the four environmental “r’s”: reuse, reduce, repair and recycle your plastic waste. But with inadequate recycling measures, the action is badly needed on a personal level. 

Think of the humans, the animals, and the planet that are being destroyed by our plastic bag addiction. We must trash the plastic. Here’s how you can help: 

Reduce and reuse – Get a reusable bag

Buy a fabric bag like a jute or cotton bag. Onya bags are created from recycled parachutes and come with key fobs so you can carry them wherever you go. If you forget yours at home, ask the store whether they can supply a crate or box to carry your goods. You should keep some reusable bags in your car. 

Reuse and recycle – Keep plastic bags out of the bin

If you have a horde of plastic bags, some stores have containers where you can donate them back to be reused. You can also put them in your compost bin and put them back in whenever you dig out the compost to use in your garden. Even though they most likely won’t decompose in your lifetime, at least they won’t be in a sea animal’s stomach. 

Repair – The waterways and coasts need you

The quagmire is not getting any tinier and it is practically impossible to get rid of now. Though, you can still do your part by volunteering to clean up plastic debris on beaches. You will save numerous pointless deaths by diminishing the environmental and animal impacts of plastic bag garbage.

Re-educate folks

Folks must understand the reality of plastic bags. Purchase reusable bags for loved ones for Christmas or their birthdays. Any little difference you do to stop plastic bag usage will make a big difference to the lives of numerous species of animals across the globe.