Glass Jewelry: What are the Types and How to Make It (Part I)

Glass jewelry is often bright and beautiful. 

Opposite to what many might think, most glass jewelry isn’t fragile or delicate. It can be vibrant, bold, and colorful, making a huge impact on your wardrobe.

Like several other components that jewelry makers use in their creations, glass for the jewelry comes in numerous forms and shapes: from the wonderful flowers embedded in millefiori jewelry to the shiny, chunky shapes of dichroic glass. 

The method of making glass jewelry is captivating, with colors dissolving into one another as extraordinary patterns and shapes. Since every piece of glass jewelry is really one of a kind, it is one of the most distinctive fashion statements you can make.

There are many basic types of glass jewelry on the market. Most of it is made by applying heat to glass rods or pieces so they fuse together. From there, artists can make glass beads, pendants, glass earrings, and glass rings. 

Many glass-jewelry makers take their glass pieces and mount them with silver or gold bezels to make these glass gems the focus of their jewelry. Other times, they can shape the glass into a pendant or ring without using any metal. 

Types of Glass Jewelry
Glass jewelry is only constrained by the imagination of the jewelry maker. There are many standard types you will discover glass artisans making:

Fused-glass jewelry – This sort of jewelry is typically used in earrings and pendants. It is thought of as a one-of-a-kind work of art. Also referred to as art glass, these pieces are made by layering tiny cut pieces of colored glass together until the desired pattern is accomplished. 

This layered piece of glass is then put into a kiln and after the glass has fused together, it is taken from the kiln and cooled. Then, it can be shaped and mounted into practically any setting.