Buying Murano Glass: What to Know (Part II)

The free tours are a scam.

Avoid The “Free-Tours” To Murano

This helpful piece is how to spot a typical tourist trap in Venice centered around Murano glass. Salespersons, employed by glass factories, tempt visitors with a “free-tour” of Murano. It sounds risk-free at first, but the “free-tour” will be short, limited to one place, and end with pressure to buy glass from their shop. 

The salespersons will only take tourists to the glass factory that employed them. There, they do a short glassblowing demonstration. Next, they take visitors to their over-priced shop. Tourists then feel forced to buy something to repay their free tour despite it being limited and short. This is usually where the highest priced glass is. They depend on the greenness of the tourists to not know a solid price for glass.

It is better to go to Murano on your own by taking a Vaporetto, the water public transports of Venice. You can research how to get to by looking online. 

Not All Murano Glass Shop Venice Are Trustworthy

In Murano, the Murano glass shops outnumber the cafés. It is Murano’s largest attraction and several Murano glass shops in Venice take advantage of the tourists. Even on Murano, there is fake glass made in China or the Czech Republic pretending to be Murano glass in the shop windows. Some artists have their workshops open to the public where you can view the art being made before it is put on the shelf. 

Though, it is the true masters of glassblowing that work behind closed doors to keep the secrets of trade sacred and in trustworthy hands. If you want to purchase certified Murano glass from the top artists in Murano, visit a real shop where you will see the best Masterpieces to fit into your residence. Authenticity is assured.