How to Clean Broken Glass Out of Your Carpet (You Can Buy Everything You Need at a Carpet Store in Fort Worth)

When broken glass falls on your carpeting, try to get the pieces out rapidly quickly to eliminate spreading the bits over the other areas. With assistance from a few tools, as well as a durable vacuum cleaner (you can get at a carpet store in Fort Worth), you can eliminate the risk of scrapes and cuts to your pets and loved ones. If you have small children, you don’t want them picking up slivers of glass and putting them in his or her mouth.

Begin the job with your vacuum cleaner purchased from a carpet store in Fort Worth

A strong vacuum cleaner can suck up the shards you see, as well as take out the ones you can’t. To get rid of broken fluorescent light bulbs (which have mercury) in your carpet, you’ll need to pick up the pieces by hand and put the fragments in a lidded container.

carpet store in Fort Worth has the tools for broken glass

Tips on how to handle broken glass in your carpet

Make sure you’re wearing the right protection for your feet and hands. Wear gloves and close-toed shoes.

Cautiously remove big visible chunks of glass. Just because you can’t see any glass in your carpeting, doesn’t mean it’s all gone. Throw the glass away in your outdoor garage can so no one is hurt by it.

Vacuum and vacuum again

Vacuum the area completely, going over it many times to make sure you get rid of as much of the glass as you can. After vacuuming, scour the area with a brush, bringing any glass to the surface that could be deeper in the carpet. You can also use a piece of bread or duct tape to help pick up any chunks.

Vacuum once more, this time aiming for the bigger area around the spot where the accident occurred. You want to make sure that any abandoned pieces are retrieved, so no one accidentally steps on them later. Even if your carpeting appears clean and glass-free, glass very well could be still there. Therefore, a thorough vacuuming is necessary.

It is an excellent idea to vacuum the area each day for a week after you clean up. You want to be sure that all the glass is gone.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Eyeglasses Online (Part II) 

Know Your Pupillary Distance

Finding your pupilary distance is essential when ordering glasses online.

In millimeters, pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes. It’s a critical measurement whether you’re buying glasses in a store or online, as your lenses must be centered on your pupils. If they aren’t, the glasses will likely create eyestrain.

Your PD may be written on your prescription. If not, you can usually contact your prescriber and ask. Alternatively, you can go to an optician’s office and get a measurement there.

You can also find lots of online tutorials and do it yourself. Retailers that sell prescription glasses online may provide their own ways of finding your PD.

These Extras Make Cheap Glasses Expensive

Premium Lenses for Prescription Glasses

Regardless if you purchase prescription glasses offline or online, someone will possibly try to upsell you on coatings and lenses. Anything beyond a basic, single-strength lens will increase the overall cost, but some may be worth it. Here are the types of lens you’re probably will most likely see:

Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses
These lightweight plastic lenses provide solid durability. They’re the perfect choice for kids or for general wear when doing outdoor activities or playing sports.

High-index plastic lenses
As the name implies, these lenses have a higher index of refraction. In simple terms, this means they’re the thinnest lenses you can get and they remain thin while offering a clear vision for people who need stronger prescriptions.

Progressive lenses (cosmetic enhancement lens)
Made for folks who wear bifocals (glasses that have two strengths for seeing far and near) or trifocals (which have three strengths), progressive lenses are line-free where one strength lens links the next. This is certainly a cosmetic enhancement but can also make things simpler to see since there isn’t a line in the center of your lens.